Important tips for pest control

Uninvited guests:

Pests are like uninvited guests. They reside in your home and make your life harder. They can create problems in many ways. They either damage the property like eating woods or pollute the environment. It is the wish of every house owner to eradicate pests completely from the house.

Eradicating the pests:

It is always a better option to work on removing the cause of the problem than working on the symptoms. So for removing the pests from the house, one should make their survival or entry impossible or atleast difficult in the house. There are many ways to do so. Here we are going to list some of the tips given by the pest control experts:

1: Water leaks:

Water leaks are needed by the pests for the survival. Pest basically needs moisture to work faster. One should hire the services of an expert plumber for the inspection of the water pipes in the house.

The leaks should be detected and they must be repaired to avoid any type of moisture. This will surely help in the eradication of pests.

2: Standing water in the garden:

There should be no water standing in the garden or in the half cut tires used in the garden. The standing water serves as a good egg hatchery for some pests like mosquitoes. So always water the garden in the limit. And if the water is seen standing somewhere, make sure to drain it.

3: Repair the cracks in the doors:

The pests need only a little space to get inside the house. So hire the services of an expert carpenter and ask him to inspect as well as repair any type of cracks or spaces in the doors or windows. The entry of the pests must be stopped if one wants to avoid them.

4: Replace lights:

There are some lights which attract flying pests. One should replace them with the lights which are not attractive to pests. The mercury lights are attractive. One should replace them with sodium lights. It will repel the pests and they will not sit on bulbs.

5: Regularly clean the drain pipes:

Due to the heavy flow of dirty water, waste is accumulated in the drain pipes. The expert should be hired to clean the drain pipes. The accumulated dirt and waste is home to many pests. So regular cleaning of them is important if one wants to avoid them.

6: Store food in tight containers:

The food should be stored in tight containers. Open food attracts pest like flying insects. And these flying insects leave a lot of germs and bacteria on it. So either store the leftover food in tight containers or fridge.

7: Pet food:

Pet food also attracts pests. So avoid serving food to your pet inside the house. Rather serve it in a limited quantity outside the house. And just serve the food once or twice a day.