I challenged this guy to a beard growing competition. Turns out we both have the same "grow-face". I gave him a head start of like a thousand years and I totally out grew him!

So today I was off about town in DC here...here's what I did:

First stop was the International Spy Museum. Unlike many attractions in town my tax dollars didn't pay for this and so it was not free. The first 15 minutes or so was pretty cool. Lots of interactive things to do. Duct work to crawl through...LIKE A SPY. Little Soldier and I were impressed. After about the time that we saw the James Bond Astin Martin it stopped being really cool and started being just another history museum. This went over a lot less well with Little Soldier. I still wanted to see stuff, I mean, I paid for it after all, but eventually the going was quick so we could get back out. Part of the problem...way too crowded to really enjoy it. Of course, when we left the line to get in the door was almost around the block, so I guess if we were going to go here we got in at the right time.

We then headed to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. Little Soldier was PUMPED to see the dinosaur bones. We also saw a bunch of other stuff. You could spend days in that place and not see it all, but we hit the highlights and got out (again, big big crowd).

After that we got ripped off at the Hard Rock Cafe. $50 for a meal of burgers and hot dogs?!?! Okay, I'm not shocked, I've been to a few of these before. I knew it was a rip off when I walked in the door and I went anyway.

And then it was back to the National Mall to hit the Air and Space Museum. Little Soldier liked the planes and rockets, grown ups were getting tired.

So then it was back to the hotel and here we are. Along the walk we saw a lot of stuff as well. The FBI, the National Archives (there was a line for this place, do they have the Constitution or something on display, I didn't realize they'd have something worth a big mid-day line for), the Washington Monument, the Capital, and more. We swung by the Grant Memorial and took some pics as well as hitting up the front of Ford's Theater (which had a matinee showing, so tours were not possible).

Tonight, after dinner, we're going to head back to the Mall to check out some more memorials by moonlight (maybe it won't be quite so windy...although I don't think it will get warmer) and tomorrow is Arlington and who knows what else.

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