Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's beard season once again, and what do beards want? To destroy breast cancer. Last year we raised $4,037.76 and in four years of Beards4Boobs, we've raised a total of $17,016.61 for research on our vile foe.

Beyond your fundraising efforts and/or donations, what more can you do to help Beards4Boobs? I'm glad you asked! You can spread the word and drop a few bucks in the kitty by purchasing a Beards4Boobs apparel item ( You can also spread the word far and wide and help recruit participants. Men and women are welcome!

Total collected so far: $ 1,290.00; Goal: $ 2,500.00
The Rogues Gallery:
A(nother)dam Johnson

Current Leader at $ 350.00
I'm looking forward...

77.14% of Leader at $ 270.00

74.29% of Leader at $ 260.00

42.86% of Leader at $ 150.00
Man, you don't even know how not growing a beard I've got in store for you this year.

42.86% of Leader at $ 150.00

17.14% of Leader at $ 60.00

14.29% of Leader at $ 50.00

0% of Leader at $ 0.00
Aaaah, the rare "No money donated to me" club.